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Emergency Notification System


Click the Sign Me Up! link to the bottom right of this page then follow these steps:

  1. Fill in your First Name, Last Name, Your Email, Choose a Password and Confirm Password.
  2. Check box to I agree then click on Continue.
  3. You will receive an email containing a link which will direct you to Answer Security Questions.
  4. After Answering Security Questions, Login with your full email address and the password you created.
  5. Enter your Identification Code which is your Colleague ID (also known as Employee ID or Student ID).


Log-in Now to be sure your personal information is up-to-date

  1. Enter your College Email address (or the one you used to register).
  2. Enter the password you used to register.
    1. Click Forgot your password? to reset your account.
  3. Click on Login button.

Standard charges for incoming calls and text messages apply.

For Help Desk:

856.691.8600x1411 or